Modular Revision Support Cup (MRS)

Innovative Features - Smart Combinations

The unique feature of the modular revision support cup MRS-TITAN Comfort is its incremental individual adaptability to the specific bone situation without the use of bone cement. The key feature of this innovation is a sophisticated mechanism that allows the surgeon to adapt the angle and position of the joint-forming components incrementally to both the anatomic requirements and the corresponding prosthetic stem.

Anatomic and safe

Consummate reconstruction ring design

  • Stable bridging of defects
  • Anatomic implant design
  • Increased component safety against fatigue fractures
  • Anatomically correct positioning and improved purchase
  • Optimal defect reconstruction


Innovative, modular cup fixation

  • Optimal reconstruction of the anatomy
  • Trial reduction possible
  • Selectable liner offset position

Long-term stability

Excellent implant fixation

  • High initial and secondary stability: Special strap screws, cancellous screws and dome screws. Excellent osseointegration and secondary stability are ensured by a microporous coating (TiRC Titanium Rough Coated).

Optimal augmented

Completely cementless implantation

  • Metal augments in different versions
  • No differences in Young's modulus
  • No hydrolytic debonding


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