MRS-TITAN Standard/Maximum

Modular Revision Cup System


Revision surgery is our driving force and passion. Modular revision implants for the hip and knee and services on demand represent our core proficiency. As a specialized supplier in the field of revision arthroplasty, we provide our services in a professional, reliable, and down-to-earth manner. Uncompromising product quality, unrestricted supply availability, and technical support with no ifs or buts have for decades been more than pleasant slogans; they have been the way we work.

Our revision portfolio with the modular revision stem MRP-TITAN and the modular revision cup MRS-TITAN Comfort, proven in over 50,000 operations, has now been expanded to include the last missing building block on the way to becoming a system supplier for revision arthroplasty:

MRS-TITAN Standard | MRS-TITAN Maximum


What is special about this new acetabular cup? And what benefits does it offer you and your patients?

The cementless modular acetabular cup revision system with its optimized surface structure was developed on the basis of current scientific expertise to ensure the best possible treatment of the patient. The system is suitable for the treatment of acetabular bone defects of types I through IIIb according to Paprosky. With its various sizes and implant versions (with or without anatomical strap), the system offers a high degree of flexibility in providing adequate solutions for defect management. The system's convenient handling and simple technique allow time-saving implantation. In the setting of a defect-oriented indication, the modular iliac peg and the implant versions give the surgeon the flexibility necessary to adequately address the various bony acetabular defect situations.


Your advantages at a glance:

  • Cementless acetabular cup revision system, made in Germany entirely of biocompatible titanium alloy (TiAl6V4).
  • No use of CMR substances (carcinogenic, mutagenic, reprotoxic) requiring labelling.
  • Revision implant produced using an additive manufacturing process (3D printing) and featuring an innovative trabecular surface structure.
  • Rough, trabecular surface structure with a high coefficient of friction for high initial stability and good bone ingrowth.
  • Multiple implant versions including an optional modular iliac peg make the system highly adaptable to the respective specific acetabular defect. 
  • Anatomically optimized screw placement and screw holes in the cup that can be sealed
  • Fast and reliable surgical technique
  • Full compatibility of polyethylene inserts with all cups of the MRS-TITAN Comfort system family. This reduces required storage space for consignment stocks.
  • Service network with highly trained, long-serving, experienced product specialists specifically qualified to provide technical support for our products

Innovative surface structure


SEM image of the surface structure magnified 50 times (Courtesy of IMA Materialforschung und Anwendungstechnik GmbH)



  • Open-pored, trabecular, and rough for high initial stability and long-term osseointegration



Insert versions and sizes



  • UHMWPE inserts for head diameters 28 (48) and 32 mm (52-76)
  • Dysplasia 20°
  • Open

Implant characteristics



  • Cementless, modular
  • High initial stability



Our flyer (PDF) provides an overview of all information: Download here


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