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Hip - Revision

Revision hip arthroplasty procedures are complex. We possess the necessary expertise, and aside from consulting and training we offer user-friendly modular implant systems that allow a high degree of intraoperative and postoperative flexibility. In a revision procedure it may be necessary to replace one component (stem or cup) or possibly both. For optimal reconstruction of the anatomy we recommend selecting components within the implant systems we offer because our products are optimally designed to be used together. Staying with the system pays off! Contact us.

The Gold Standard


  • Successful since 1993
  • Exceptionally user friendly

Innovative Features - Smart Combinations


  • Consummate reconstruction ring design
  • Innovative modular fixation between shell and cup
  • Ideal implant fixation
  • Completely cementless

The combination of experience and innovation


  • Optimized surface structure
  • Cementless and modular
  • High rotational and primary stability
  • Fast surgical technique

Hip - Primary

The selection of possible implants always depends on the patient's specific situation. For planning custom implants, we provide various different options with respect to materials, fixation concept (cemented or cementless), and implant sizes and shapes.

Combines Experience with Innovation


  • Cemented implant for metal allergy
  • Innovative coating
  • Proven design

The Evergreen - Proven Success for 20 Years


  • Proven Metaphyseal Integration
  • Broad range of sizes
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