Cementless Proximal Fixation

The Evergreen - Proven Success for 20 Years

The sharp parabolic longitudinal ribs cut into the bone to give the implant excellent initial stability. The design also spares cancellous bone and preserves the arterial supply within the femur. This promotes solid proximal osseintegration over a broad area of the implant, improving biologic fixation and increasing rotational stability.


Proven Metaphyseal Integration

  • The proximal design of the stem in the shape of a three-dimensional taper leads to partial filling of the metaphysis which in turn ensures a high degree of initial stability against subsidence.
  • Longitudinal ribs on the anterior, posterior, and lateral aspects of the metaphyseal portion of the implant cut into the stable proximal cancellous bone like a cancellous screw when the implant is impacted, thus ensuring a high degree of rotational stability.
  • The parabolic cavities between the ridges help preserve the local cancellous bone structures and their vascular supply in the bone.
  • Stem shape and implantation technique ensure proximal fixation. This avoids proximal bone atrophy from stress shielding and includes the metaphyseal cancellous bone and cortex in the stress transfer.



Broad range of sizes

  • Implantable on both the left and right sides, the implant is available in ten gradations and three special sizes for small and dysplastic hips.


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