Interbodyspacer (IBS)

The Complete Cage Family

The IBS-TITAN® cage family was designed as an innovative implant system with unique features for special requirements. Development of the system included analyzing all relevant medical and scientific problems of spinal fusion and addressing them with a multifunctional instrument set. For supporting the anterior column we supply cages of titanium alloy.

Optimized cage geometries for different approach techniques

Optimized cage geometries with bullet shaped nose

TLIF II / Transforaminal approach

  • Kidney shaped footprint in three versions
  • Variable placement angle

PLIF II / Laminectomy

  • Kidney shaped footprint in two versions with lordotic cross section.

Oblique / Posterolateral approach

  • Biconvex shape in two footprints



High primary stability

Sophisticated arrangement of teeth

  • Easier cage placement
  • Superior and inferior endplates are spared
  • Guide cage during implantation (TLIF)


Ingenious instrument system

User-friendly handling, reproducible technique


  • Simple technique and uniform instruments
  • Straight and angled seating instrument


  • Variable-angle and straight seating instrument
  • Easy correction of TLIF implant position


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