WSI MX/PX-Titan Expertise

Titanium Spinal Fusion System

One Implant - Many Options

In cooperation with its clinical development partners, PETER BREHM GmbH first introduced a titanium Spinal Fusion System in 1993. Over the years the system has undergone continuous further development. The WSI MX/PX-Titan Expertise system can be used for both simple single-segment open operations and also for anterior or posterior multisegmental fusion in either open or minimally invasive procedures. The screws of the WSI MX/PX-Titan Expertise Integration version have a BONIT® coating for improved osseointegration. This version also has a distal fenestration and can be augmented with bone cement.


All implants are supplied in sterile packaging

  • Simple documentation
  • Complete traceability
  • Infection from contaminated implants excluded

Identical implants

For open and minimally invasive procedures

  • Simplified inventory
  • Polyaxial and monoaxial screws available for MISS
  • Instrumentation technique can be changed intraoperatively

Safety and Stability

DLC-coated Grub Screws with Undercut Saw Tooth Threading

  • Grubs screws are easy to place and securely tighten
  • Screw-rod connection is highly stable

Highest precision

All pedicle screws – polyaxial and monoaxial – are cannulated

  • Can be placed over K wire even with open instrumentation technique, thus ensuring maximum precision

Stable fixation

Single thread with tapered core

  • Reliable permanent fixation in the pedicle

Soft tissue sparing

Low profile implants

  • Stable, low transverse connectors
  • Rod diameter of only 5.0 mm with high stability

Reliable fixation in poor quality bone with

BONIT® -coated augmentable screw versions with the same geometry

  • Reliable fixation in the pedicle
  • Better and quicker osseointegration
  • Augmentation option in osteoporosis
  • Identical instruments for coated and uncoated pedicle screws
WSI MX/PX-Titan Expertise Integration

Simple and reliable augmentation technique

Distal cap option for augmentation

  • Optional augmentation
  • Minimized risk of cement leakage
  • Steep learning curve

Summary of Safety and Clinical Performance

The Summary of Safety and Clinical Performance for the specific product system WSI MX/PX-Titan Expertise und WSI MX/PX-Titan Expertise Integration will be provided upon request by Peter Brehm GmbH via or +49 (0) 9135 7103-0.


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