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Total Arthroplasty in Perfection

Welcome to the web site of PETER BREHM GmbH.

As a manufacturer of medical implants and prostheses, we work in a field that demands maximum reliability of products and thus maximum safety for patients. Therefore we feel it is very important to inform you comprehensively about our company and our various products for total knee and hip arthroplasty as well as spinal surgery.

Please contact us if you have any questions or require more detailed material. Naturally we are grateful for any suggestions you may have for improving our web site.

April, 25th 2024

Successful acetabular, metastatis-related defect reconstruction and fracture stabilisation using modular MRS-TITAN Comfort acetabular reinforcement ring. Retrospective analysis and surgical technique see publication (open access).

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April, 15th 2024

We are proud to announce that our CEO and Spokesman of the Management Board Marc D. Michel has been elected for the fourth time in a row as Deputy Chairman of the Board for another 2 years at the General Meeting of the German Medical Technology Association (BVMed).

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April, 11th 2024

We reached an important milestone: 1,000 hip revisions with MSR-TITAN Standard and Maximum hip revision cup in the D-A-CH countries. Prof. Dr. med. Ralf Skripitz, Chief Physician of the Centre for Arthroplasty and Orthopaedics at the Roland-Hospital Bremen, performed the 1000th implantation and highlights key success factors in the clinical experience report.

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March, 25th 2024

Custom-made KAM-TITAN arthrodesis with additional femoral neck screw to prevent periprosthetic fracture of the proximal femur in a female patient after multiple revisions and with insufficiency of the extensor system. Case report and operative planning (open access).

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March, 18th 2024

Biomechanical study confirms that the cementless revision cup MRS-TITAN Comfort is a promising alternative to the ORIF with or without total hip arthroplasty in acetabular T-type fractures.

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March, 11th 2024

Hip revision using the modular cup system MRS-TITAN Comfort after multiple re-revisions. Case report by Dr. Marco Sträter, Chief Physician of the Clinics for Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery, St. Vincenz Hospital Datteln (Germany)

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Februar, 12th 2024

Modular knee arthrodesis KAM-TITAN in persistent joint infection: The Indian experience. The KAM-TITAN system convinces with optimal intraoperative adaptability, simple instrumentation technique, good clinical and functional results. Publication (open access)

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January, 29th 2024

We are pleased to announce that the proven modular revision system MRP-TITAN is now MRD (Medical Device Regulation) approved. The MRP-TITAN system has been in successful clinical use for 30 years and has established itself as the GOLD STANDARD in hip revision.

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January, 24th 2024

Wir sind stolz mitzuteilen, dass die Markteinführung des bewährten vollkeramischen Kniesystems BPK-S Integration Ceramic in Indien erfolgt.

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January, 19th 2024

Geriatric acetabular fractures are increasing significantly and presents complex challenges for the surgeon. The case report by Bernd Schmitz, Chief Physician at the Clinic for Orthopaedics, Joint Replacement and Trauma Surgery at Elisabeth Hospital Thuine, shows the successful treatment of a trauma patient with the MRS-TITAN Maximum, our cementless modular revision cup.

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January, 16th 2024

Metal-sensitive patients who require a primary knee prosthesis benefit from our hypoallergenic, metal-free, all-ceramic BPK-S Integration Ceramic knee system. This is shown in the case report by Dr Michael Fehringer, Chief Physician of the Clinic for Traumatology and Orthopaedic Surgery at the SHG Clinic Idar-Oberstein. PETER BREHM is worldwide the only company offering such a highly compatible knee endoprosthesis. Ask for the case report!

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November, 27th 2023

After two successful MDR certifications each in the spine and hip area, the first MDR certificate for a knee implant system has now followed. This means that our modular knee arthrodesis KAM-TITAN is also certified in accordance with the MDR (Medical Device Regulation). Of note, patient-matched KAM monoblock variants are also covered within this certification.

Our thanks go to the dedicated team, whose outstanding performance enabled us to achieve this goal in the first place. Congratulations!

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October, 26th 2023

In a case report, Dr. med. Roman Mroz (Chief Physician of the Clinic for Traumatology and Orthopaedics, Head of the Endoprosthetics Centre ) at the Westküstenklinikum Heide discuss the successful treatment of a periprosthetic geriatric acetabular fracture and extensive bone defect (Paprosky type IIIb) with the cementless modular revision cup MRS-TITAN Maximum and an osteosynthesis (ORIF). Request the case report!

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October, 13th 2023

The Sustainability Report communicated in September is also available in English now. Read more about sustainability at PETER BREHM in the post at social media and in the corresponding report!

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September, 14th 2023

At PETER BREHM, we aim to lead the way in sustainable business. Responsible entrepreneurship and innovation go hand in hand for us. You can find out how we consistently implement our sustainability strategy and what long-term positive effects we achieve with it in the Sustainability Report 2022.

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August, 3rd 2023

Review article by PD habil. Yves Gramlich (Department of Trauma and Orthopedic Surgery, BG Unfallklinik Frankfurt/a.M., Germany) and Javad Parvizi (Director of Clinical Research at the Rothman Orthopaedic Institute, James Edwards Professor Chair of Orthopaedics at Thomas Jefferson University, USA): Recent studies show first evidence of advantages for the modular knee arthrodesis KAM-TITAN in knee revision when total knee arthroplasty is not an option.

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August, 2nd 2023

For more than 25 years, our company founder Peter Brehm has been a volunteer on the board of trustees of Lebenshilfe Herzogenaurach. Together with other deserving volunteers, he was awarded the Bavarian Prime Minister's Medal of Honour for his high level of social commitment by Bavaria's Minister of the Interior, Joachim Herrmann, MdL. We proudly and wholeheartedly congratulate Peter Brehm on this award.

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July, 26th 2023

A new study shows another advantage of the proven hypoallergenic ceramic knee prosthesis BPK-S Integration Ceramic: Significantly fewer artefacts in MR imaging compared to the metal knee prosthesis. In the everyday clinical practice, the better assessment of the MRI scans supports a reliable diagnosis.

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June, 26th 2023

The sustainability report communicated in October is now also available in English. Read more about sustainability at PETER BREHM in the post on social media and in the said report!

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June, 16th 2023

The surface roughness of the implant has a major influence on osseointegration. The advantage of a roughened surface structure is illustrated by an experimental study conducted by Katharina Tscheu at the Department of Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery of the University Hospital Düsseldorf. It shows that human osteoporotic cells grow particularly well on a roughened titanium surface. The results will be presented at the OSTEOLOGIE 2023 congress on 23 June in Salzburg.

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May, 10th 2023

The German Medical Technology Association (BVMed) has a new campaign "Health has a future. Medical technology." at That shows the importance of the German medical technology location as a research, economic and labour market factor. In a joint interview, PD Dr. rer. biol. hum. Dr. habil. med. Frank Seehaus and Dr.-Ing. Ulrike Deisinger talk about the prerequisites for modern medical technology.

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January, 30th 2023

A publication discusses the challenges relevant to patients with osteoporosis in spine surgery. Our WSI MX/PX-Titan Expertise Integration is a modular spinal fixator system with proven pedicle screw technology. The pedicle screws are coated with calcium phosphate for accelerated and improved osseointegration of the implant. The system convinces with its simple and safe augmentation technique. With the option of a distal plug of the pedicle screw, the risk of cement leakage is minimised. Request the Executive Summary.

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January, 19th 2023

PETER BREHM is represented as specialised expert and reliable supplier in the field of arthroplasty in Switzerland. Our cementless modular revision cup system MRS-TITAN Standard and Maximum is now certified according to MDR and also available in Switzerland.

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December, 15th 2022

First MDR certificate for a hip implant system received! PETER BREHM is proud to announce that our hip implants MRS-TITAN Standard and MRS-TITAN Maximum are now MDR (Medical Device Regulation) certified. This milestone was achieved due to an excellent team performance. Congratulations to our great #PETERBREHM team.

November, 30th 2022

Considering the shortage of skilled professionals with completed vocational training throughout Germany, PETER BREHM is breaking new ground. Since 1 November 1, we have been training two new apprentices from Vietnam as cutting machine operators, whom we warmly welcome to the PETER BREHM team. 

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November, 23rd 2022

In a study, the modular spine fixator WSI MX/PX-Titan Expertise and the spacers IBS PLIF II were used. Postoperative treatment was carried out with or without orthosis. The results were compared. Request the Executive Summary and learn about the results!

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August, 17th 2022

In a case report, Hatem Alabdulrahman (Senior consultant, Director of the Department of the Trauma and Reconstructive Surgery Section) and Priv.-Doz. Klemens Horst (Senior consultant, Director of the Department of Trauma and Reconstructive Surgery) at the University Medical Center Aachen discuss the successful treatment of a typical geriatric acetabular fracture with the cementless modular revision cup MRS-TITAN Maximum. Request the case report!

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August, 1st 2022

PETER BREHM is represented as specialised expert and reliable supplier in the field of arthroplasty in Switzerland. For example, the modular knee arthodesis KAM-TITAN is a proven product of the product portfolio, which convinces with optimal intraoperative adaptability, simple instrumentation technique and good clinical results.

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July, 22nd 2022

British researchers have found that the clinical success of implants is also determined by the genetics of the patient. At least 10% of individuals of European descent have genetic characteristics that contribute to their immune system attacking the tissue surrounding the cobalt-chromium prosthesis. Remarkably, about 20% of all knee replacement patients complain of chronic discomfort and are dissatisfied with their prosthesis.
The best preventive measure from a material point of view is the hypoallergenic all-ceramic knee prosthesis BPK-S Integration Ceramic, which has been proven to offer high immuno-allergological compatibility. It is a suitable, safe option for patients with an allergy or intolerance to cobalt-chromium alloys.

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May, 18th 2022

Invitation to the „UnternehmerTALK"

On June 7th, at 8:21 pm the „UnternehmerTALK“ of the entrepreneur network ORANGE takes place with our managing director Oliver Brehm. Experiences, success factors and current challenges on the topic of family businesses in transition will be discussed. 

Registration is required for your participation at this Zoom meeting  (webinar ID: 869 0266 2637 / webinar identification code: 794207)

March, 9th 2022

New study findings published in The Bone & Joint Journal: The metal ion level (cobalt, chromium) in the blood serum of patients treated with BPK-S Integration hinged TKA was significantly lower compared to the GenuX TKA. Ceramic (titanium nitride) coated knee implants showed no improvements and thus no benefit in terms of metal ion concentration. A significant improvement in outcome scores and pain levels was achieved in all groups, regardless of metal ion level.

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March, 8th 2022

Find out how we actively support humanitarian aid for the people in Ukraine on LinkedIn.

December, 17th 2021

First MDR certificate for an implant system received! PETER BREHM is proud to announce that our spinal implants WSI MX/PX-Titan Expertise und WSI MX/PX-Titan Expertise Integration are now certified according to EU-MDR (Medical Device Regulation). Thanks to the excellent work of our team in the company, we have now reached the next milestone.  Congratulations to our great #PETERBREHM team.

December, 15th 2021


Today we celebrate 40 years PETER BREHM and would like to thank our customers, partners and friends for their loyalty, trust and willingness to cooperate. We know that this trust must be earned every day anew with hard work. And that is exactly what we will do! We are especially happy about the numerous congratulations from all over the world and say THANK YOU.

Enjoy watching the video 

December, 13th 2021

Visit our newly opened YouTube channel. Our first uploaded clips show four of our trainees explaining to interested young people what they can learn and experience with us. Of course, more videos will follow, e.g. under the headings „Company“ and „Products“. Subscribe to us and stay informed!

PETER BREHM YouTube Channel

November, 19th 2021

Another milestone has been reached. After successful MDR-audit, PETER BREHM has received not only a new EN ISO 13485 certificate but also the MDR-certificate for the first product systems according to the new EU Medical Device Regulation. We are pleased about the confirmation of the high supply quality and safety with our implants and we prove to be a long-term reliable partner for our customers and trade partners worldwide as usual.

September, 15th 2021

We are pleased to announce the first primary BPK-S Integration knee surgery in Libya, performed by Husein Alrojbani, MD (Al Rasheed Hospital, Tripoli). The 67-year-old female patient suffered from persistent knee pain with limited walking distance and restricted daily life activities. Congratulations to the surgical team and our collaborative partner Medical Technologies Company (METCO) and its CEO Hassan Eshtiwe.

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September, 7th 2021

MRS-TITAN Standard and Maximum are cementless modular revision cups made of proven biocompatible titanium alloy for complex acetabular defects (Paprosky type I-IIIb), offering a high degree of flexibility with the optimal choice of sizes and diameters. The open-pored trabecular surface structure, the screw fixation of the anatomical straps and the modular iliac peg (MRS-TITAN Maximum) enable very good primary and secondary stability.

This is illustrated by the example of an revison case kindly made available by Ulrich Simon, MD (head of orthopaedic department, St. Franziskus-Hospital Münster, Germany).

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August, 6th 2021

German Television as a guest at PETER BREHM

The occasion was a video-shooting for a report about the EU Medical Devices Regulation (MDR), which has been valid since May 26, 2021 and its consequences for patient care in Germany. The television report was broadcast on 4th August 2021 in the ARD business magazine Plusminus.

Please find the recording in the media library of the ARD (in German)

June, 27th 2021

PETER BREHM is delighted to launch the new modular revision cup system MRS-TITAN Standard and MRS-TITAN Maximum with the innovative trabecular surface, an excellent option for hip revision surgery. With its various sizes and implant versions, the system offers a high degree of flexibility in providing adequate solutions for defect management.

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June, 10th 2021

We are delighted to announce the first implantation of the titanium-based primary stem from our AEON system portfolio coated with the silanated/silicated surface coating COVABOND in our company. PETER BREHM GmbH has the know-how of this innovative coating technology, which has been successfully implemented. Thus, the advantages of Titanium stems can be used for cemented hip restoration. The implantation was recently successfully performed by Univ. Professor Dr. Dieter C. Wirtz, Medical Director of the Department of Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery at the University Hospital Bonn (Germany), and his team. 

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May, 26th 2021

A recent retrospective study demonstrates that the modular knee arthrodesis KAM-TITAN secures limb salvage and pain reduction, improves quality of life and leads to high infection control in periprosthetic knee infection when revision TKA is not an option. The study presents the largest case series to date, comparing outcome with a rotating hinge system after failed septic TKA.

Read the abstract

May, 6th 2021

A case report on the treatment of an acetabular fracture in a 77-year-old female patient with the cementless modular revision cup system MRS-TITAN Maximum.

Read the full text in our download section

May, 4th 2021

Yesterday, we successfully completed the certification procedure for the first product systems according to the new EU MDR requirements, and the audit for MDD and DIN EN ISO 13485 was even completed without any nonconformities. As a result, the issuance of the MDR certificate and the maintenance of the ISO certificate is recommended. This makes us proud as a company and gives us the feedback that we have perfectly integrated all requirements into our quality management system. We are pleased about this confirmation. Our customers can also be sure in the future: Quality has the highest priority for us.

April, 14th 2021

A current systematic review (OPEN ACCESS) provides real-world evidence (literature, registers) on the fracture risk of modular revision stems: Compared to modular primary stems, they have a lower fracture risk and represent a rather rare complication.

Read the article (full text)

February, 9th 2021

An evidence-based study highlights the therapeutic benefits of treating geriatric acetabular fractures with the cementless modular cup MRS-TITAN Comfort, especially when the patient's bone situation is poor.

Read the abstract.


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05.07.2024, Uhr
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