Modular Revision Prosthesis (MRP)

The Gold Standard

The MRP-TITAN hip revision system is a cementless revision implant for use in the femur. The MRP-TITAN in combination with the modular revision support cup MRS-TITAN Comfort offers a variety of geometric options that enable you to address a broad range of exacting anatomic requirements and defect situations with a solution tailored to the individual patient. It is also possible to use the MRP-TITAN 80 mm straight prosthesis stems for primary indications.

Versatile, consistent, anatomic

Successful since 1993

  • Broad spectrum of indications
  • High patient satisfaction
  • Very good long-term results

Broad spectrum of indications

Spectrum of indications Paprosky I-III and Charnley type B and C with severe functional impairment.

  • Total lengths from 130 to 420 mm in 10 mm increments
  • Stem diameters from 11 to 30 mm in 1 mm increments
  • Straight, curved, and distal interlocking stems
  • Four neck versions

High patient satisfaction

Optimal adaptation to anatomy.

  • Angle of anteversion continuously adjustable over 360°
  • Optimal leg length adaptation
  • Parabolic stem ribs ensure a high degree of initial stability
  • Excellent osseointegration


Very good long-term results

 Reliable survival probability of 97% at 10 years.

  • Optimal anatomic reconstruction improves the Harris hip score (HHS) compared with the last follow-up examination.
    (Acta Orthopaedica 2014; 85 (6): "Uncemented femoral revision arthroplasty using a modular tapered, fluted titanium stem")



Flexibility and efficiency

Exceptionally user friendly

  • Very high flexibility
  • Simple and reliable instrumentation

Very high flexibility

All implants are available as trials.

  • Intraoperative and postoperative separation of trials and definitive implants
  • Design allows intraoperative and postoperative correction of implant length and angle of anteversion in situ


Simple and reliable instrumentation

Efficient surgical procedure and innovative locking of the press-fit taper connection.

  • Minimal use of instruments
  • Reliable instrumentation with the innovative torsion-free pretensioning device (TOV)


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